How to Prevent Dry Scalp Conditions

It has been determined that a majority of people experience dry scalp conditions during winter seasons. In addition to this, it has been discovered that styling techniques, diet as well as hair products are the major contributing factors to dry scalps.  There are some people who might confuse a dry scalp with dandruff because of the white flakes that are similar to dandruff. This in return may result to people receiving the wrong treatment for their scalp conditions. However, you can easily avoid this by taking good care of your scalp at all times and at the same time keeping it moisturized.  There are some ways that you can use as approaches of preventing these conditions and this in return will keep your scalp healthier all the time.

  • Firstly, to prevent dry scalp conditions, it is worthwhile for you to avoid touching the scalp using your hands.  A dry scalp will prompt you to scratch it because of the itching. However, doing this makes it even worse because there are little cuts that will be created and this can make you be prone to other infections.
  • Another way of preventing dry scalp conditions is by massaging. You can massage your dry scalp using one spoon of olive oil prior to taking a bath. All that you are required to do is to warm it for a duration of ten seconds.  Keep in mind that olive oil has vitamin E and this will help your scalp to be moisturized in the most effective way thus stopping the itching. Let the olive oil remain in your hair for about ten minutes before rinsing it off using shampoo.
  • Dry scalp conditions can be prevented by not using shampoo frequently. This is simply because shampoos consist of detergents that can cause a drying effect on the scalp and hair as well by removing natural oils. It is therefore important to schedule the time in which you use to wash your hair and this will prevent your scalp from being deprived moisture that causes dryness.
  • Most people like blow drying their hair on daily basis. Doing this on daily basis causes the sucking of moisture present on your scalp and this leads to dry scalp conditions. To prevent this, it is important to limit how many times you blow dry your hair. Additionally, limit yourself on using heating tools e.g. flat irons, curling irons etc.
  • Ensure that you follow a healthy balanced diet on daily basis. In addition to this, drink enough water about 8 glasses which will help in preventing a dry scalp.  You are highly advised to limit taking drinks that contain a lot of caffeine to keep the scalp hydrated.
  • There are antifungal antibiotic shampoos as well as anti-dandruff shampoos that can be used in preventing these conditions especially if the causes of the dry scalp are fungal organisms. However, there are other prescriptions that you can use as well in preventing dry scalp conditions. While this is the case, it is important to use the prescriptions intermittently.

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